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Thank you writemeasonnet for the adorable winter themed gift! Your swap will be shipped on Friday-and I broke into the peppermint tree right away to nom on while I write a paper :)
FESTIVUS (for the rest of us) SWAP
Thats right folks, its that time again! Sign up now! $25 limit, ending swap date Dec. 20th! Partners will be handed out by Dec. 1st, dont forget to read your partner's survey to get a feel for what they might like!

If you still need to do a VIRGIN SWAP email me at bleedxxaxxsmile@yahoo.com, or send me a message on Livejournal, and I'll get you taken care of.
As if working in retail doesnt warn me enough, I suddenly realized that christmas is nearly upon us, and its probably about that time to schedule swaps and such. Im not sure if our lovely mod would mind me doing this, but I just wanted to ask to get the word out on who still needs to do virgin swaps? And who's interested in a Christmas/Festivus for the rest of us swap? If you do still need to do a virgin swap (or know what the hell it is), just leave a comment for me, and I'll help you out :)

Oct. 19th, 2009

Sooo random question...the names were supposed to be given out two days ago? Im really looking forward to starting my swap package...but dont know who my partner is. Have the names not been given out yet...or am I missing something? Thanks guys!

New Member Survey, Hello All!

Well Hi! Im really excited to join a swapping community, Ive been looking for a good one for a while...so without further anticipation, here is my survey. :)

Survey <3Collapse )</div>


My swap arrived on Tuesday, yay!
I got 2 gorgeous hair slides and a load of my favourite treats (nom nom nom) - great choices, you should have seen my grin! :D
Thank you so much alhonesty !

Swap recieved!

I got my swap today!
I adore the handmade bag, and the cable needles will actualy make me get off my ass and learn how to cable.

The postcards are darling as well. What a wonderful swap! ♥


I actually shipped yesterday but haven't been online to post.

Here's the DC number: 0418 8665 1600 0109 1323



I got my package from ksiezniczka_ via Zazzle. I got 9 black/white postcards for my collection, yay!

I know she asked about quality, and it's about 50/50. Some look very professional and neat and the contrast is perfect while others are kind of washed out and some of the borders are not even. And the one of the four women, in the far left row in the middle, is incredibly blurry, though you can't really tell from my picture. But I'm happy - the one of the kids on the swings is totally awesome! Thank you!