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Santa Swap

Secret Santas on LiveJournal

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Welcome to Santaswap!
To keep the community a friendly and reliable swap space we have recently decided to moderate membership.
If you feel you have been declined unfairly please email the mods at santswapmods@gmail.com

Please review the community rules before joining.
We are primarily US and Canadians, but we have a few swappers in the UK.


No flaming, no arguing, etc. This is a community to have fun and give gifts. If you have an important issue with another member, please contact a Mod.

DO NOT share other people's personal information. This is probably our most important rule.

If you are under 18, expect to have your entry tagged 'under 18'. Under 18 members approved on moderators discretion.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your swap, you MUST let us know as soon as possible in order to arrange new partners for your swaps. Failure to complete a swap is grounds for banning, sorry.

Failure to complete swaps or unexplained/approved late swapping will not be tolerated.

Feel free to post and discuss. The community is unmoderated as long as your posts are on topic. Share your goodies, praise your partner and suggest new ideas.

NO SPAM or ADs. If you would like to trade community promos, please contact us.

Do not advertise this community in other communities or journals unless you have permission from the community or journal owner. No one likes spam. :)

If you become friendly with other members and want to complete a personal swap on your own, feel free. Please remember that those swaps are conducted at your own risk and completely outside of our community. None of the community rules and protections will apply to you or your swap.

"Surprises" are okay now that we have a Master List, so long as you remember to participate in the Main Event.

Shipping info must be ACCURATE and posted in your survey during an open swap. You may delete your address when not participating.

Ordering from sites such as Amazon and having the items shipped directly to your partner is now allowed. A copy of the receipt must be included in your 'shipped' post, with the redipient's details blanked out of course!

You must post "shipped" and "received" updates in a timely fashion. This means within a day or two of shipping and/or receiving.

If you are a new 'virgin' member who has never swapped before, you must complete one 'delayed' swap. The mods will give you a partner, and upon receiving your package, your partner will mail your package to you in return.

New members can bypass the “virgin swap” if you have two veteran community members to vouch for your reliability.

New members must post a member survey and arrange with the moderators for a virgin swap within ONE WEEK of joining. if you do not, you will be deleted and need to apply again.

US residents MUST buy delivery confirmation (or DC) and post the DC number to the community as part of their “shipped” posts. It is only $.80, and it saves us all a lot of heartache! Because DC is not offered on international packages, international swappers must post a scan or photograph of your postage receipt with your “shipped” post.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!