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First Class International = 5 to 10 business days. I hope it gets there quickly. *crosses fingers*



So I ordered a few things for my swap partner. They were things I would have liked if I had the same interest, so hopefully I did okay. The only thing I'm worried about is quality. So mod, or my partner, please let me know if what is sent isn't as good as I thought it would be so I can rectify it.

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Jun. 15th, 2009

Is it acceptable to ship something from a website directly to your partner?


So sign up if you haven't already done so! Click here for details!

And russian_mafia_x had a great idea - please will you all take a few minutes to look at your info on the Master List and update it if necessary, especially the address details if you've moved?

violet_eyes, community mod.



This is for a 'quick and dirty' swap - signup closes tomorrow evening, partners go out on Monday, shipping deadline is **Friday June 19th**. Ten dollar budget plus shipping - no formal theme, just read your partner's details on the Master List and pick their goodies accordingly.

So far the participants are:







Anyone else who wants in, you have 24 hours from now to let me know!

Oh, and can I remind y'all of a few important things?

1. You must post on the board when you've shipped AND when you've received.

2. US shippers MUST obtain delivery confirmation and post either the tracking number or a photo of the receipt. Shippers from other countries, a photo of the receipt you get from the P.O will be sufficient.

3. You MUST ship on time - it's not fair to everyone else if you don't. I was a bit slack about policing this last time, but I won't be in future.

4. Perhaps the most important thing of all - please, please do not cheap out on your partner. Since I took over as mod, I've received several emails from participants who felt that a)their partner had not spent the required amount or that b)their partner had not really paid attention to their likes and dislikes, and had just stuck things in their parcel at random. I do keep a list of these complaints, people, so bear that in mind when putting your goodies together. sillyboho used to say "give what you'd like to receive", and I couldn't have put it better myself. Oh, and it goes without saying that unless it's vintage - and I think you guys all know what that means - used items really aren't cool.

violet_eyes, community mod.



My mailbox has been feeling very empty lately. We need more swaps!

We can't let this community dieeeeeee!



I hope everyone's ok - it's gone a bit quiet in here. :(
I just wanted to say I'm still lurking around and will hopefully be able to participate in any future swaps.

Also, wandered if my package to pru was ok? I really enjoyed putting it together, so I hope I didn't end up choosing things for me rather than you *embarrassed*! By the way, I have recently been doing lots of baking and proudly wearing my apron, heehee!!

Kitchen Swap!

I know there was a problem with the envelope from Canada, but I did get some wonderful packages via Amazon (just been really slow to upload - sorry!).
Got a gorgeous apron and a really cute nut-free recipe book. Thanks so much pru , I love them! :)

The good the bad and the ugly

The good - I recieved my package today from feralchicken. Grant just called and said there was a package from the UK.

The Bad - I have to wait till I get I get home to open it.

The Ugly - Grant said there is an envelope that was returned... the one I sent to the UK!!!!!! Along with a few things from Amazon, I sent feralchicken an envelope with a little note, some recipes and a few designs that I liked. I haven't seen it the returned envelope, but he said something about a missing customs tag.. or something... It's a freakin envelope.. i put on the postage and threw it in the mail.. .

So.. Solutions.. I am going to scan and pdf the contents of the envelope, send it via email and then throw the envelope back in the mail. Does this suffice?

You would think that shipping between Canada and the UK would be easy peasy... I am a good and honest person and this makes me feel like a turd.